Jan. 24, 2022

Episode 25 A Conversation w/ Cary Sharber

Episode 25 A Conversation w/ Cary Sharber

On this episode of Intelligence Is Dope, I’ll be having a conversation with Cary Sharber. We’ll discuss his upbringing in Hopkinsville, KY. His life prior to incarceration, and how he has turned his life around to be an example and role model for youth in his community with possible political aspirations.


Don’t judge a story by the chapter you walked in on. Peace

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Cary Sharber

Community Activist

My name is Cary Sharber, I’m 43 years old was born and raised in Hopkinsville, Ky. I was incarcerated at the age of 20 years old after facing the death penalty for (4)yrs, I received a ten year prison sentence. Released at the age of 30 find out how I changed my life when I changed the way I think.