Intelligence Is Dope is a podcast curated to delve into a wide range of case law, politics, social justice and social science. 

Each week, this podcast features true life tales of crime, criminals, tragedies and miscarriages of justice throughout history and today. Join your host, Sean “Elly” Eldridge, as he explores the dark side of humanity through delving into the world of true crime, case law, missing people, executions and so much more.

Listen to unique insights and interviews with people from all different walks of life who share their experiences and the trials and tribulations they’ve had to overcome. Our case files bring you the facts, but our interviews show you another side - the human side.

Covering so many topics from the sinister to the surreal, find time in your day to alter your perspective, learn something new and ignite your curiosity.


About the Host

Sean "Elly" Eldridge Profile Photo

Sean "Elly" Eldridge

Host | Implementation Specialists | Dad | Phi Beta Sigma

Sean "Elly" Eldridge is a voice in social justice, who has merged true crime, case law, politics, and the humanization of people. As the creator and host of Intelligence is Dope, Elly aims to cultivate and educate people on a broad range of topics through his podcast.

The Kentucky native is a proud Air Force Veteran, a former Chief of Police for the Department of Defense, Supervisory Special Agent, and also a Major for the Department of Veteran Affairs. Elly found himself at a crossroads as he continued to see injustices happen to black people around the country. He hung up his badge and gun and took his law enforcement skillset and executive experience to use it to become a voice in social justice, and to work on bias in policing starting a career with the Center of Policing Equity.

Hit any of the links if you want to learn more about Elly's career, passions, or get more insight into the host of Intelligence is Dope. And like always, "Don't judge the story, by the chapter you walked in on. Peace"